Our Jody Story

JodyDog-O- Danas was inspired by our 16 year old poodle who got lost and separated from us on Christmas Eve 2006. Our family had gone out of town to celebrate the holidays and left our adorable miniature apricot poodle named “Jody” with our retired parents who were living in our lake house. He had never gone past the front or back door and was a totally pampered pet, but something spooked him on Christmas Eve and he bolted out the door when a neighbor dropped by with her dog. Once we heard our beloved pet and family member was missing we headed home immediately!

We posted/ distributed 150 posters around our home at Lake Lotawana, Missouri, called over 50 Veterinarians and registered Jody missing. Further, we took flyers to all area shelters. We drove up and down every road around the lake and ran into people that thought they had seen him, but could not get him to come to them. We had an expensive cruise planned with our children and two dear friends who were Benedictine nuns. We left our cell phones with neighbors in case someone would call and prayed for our dog (and even had the nuns pray) for his safe return.

Out of desperation we called the highway department to see if they remember picking up a small dog hit by a car, no luck we were pretty distraught/ devastated because his whereabouts and welfare were a mystery.


Jody MemorialWe received a call after a major snow and ice storm that someone out by our lake house saw a dog that fit Jodi’s description. Friends and family immediately assembled into a search party. Michelle was shopping at a local Target store with the kids when she got the call about the lead. She drove so fast that she actually got a ticket on the way to the location he was seen. After 2 hours he was not found and we all left defeated, we continued to search for the next 3 weeks. People we knew and worked with stopped asking about him and we were beginning to believe the “Homeward Bound” stories only happened in the movies. But on January 24th 30 days after Jody went missing a miracle call came in from a non-pet person. They had called the pound and several veterinarians about a poodle shaking at their front door- 14 miles from our lake house. The individual lives on 10 acres with bobcats and other wild animals and was somewhat amazed by this dog who was skin and bones showing up at their door. His tags were missing but his “Bandana” remained from his last holiday grooming. The person was of strong Christian faith and felt they were directed to find the right owners and family who they could tell from the bandana loved their pet. (lt always helps to have a convent full of nuns praying for lost animals/four legged family members). Scott drove out to the house and found our precious Jodi at 1/3 of his normal body weight, yes alive and wearing his bandana! Scott met up with the rest of the family at our veterinarians’office and other than loosing so much weight and smelling awful we had miraculously found our littlest family member. Friends, neighbors and perfect strangers were amazed and encouraged by this miraclel This is a happily ever after story starring our miniature poodle who now never goes anywhere without his Dog-O-Dana because by wearing one everyone knows he is loved and a member of a family who dresses him to be a fashion statement!

This is the story of how our family decided to create, market and sell Dog-Danas for your four legged family members!


The Noyes Family

In loving memory of our precious four legged Family member.

Jody Noyes Born 4/23/96 – Died 1/28/13
May He Rest In Peace

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